Stalin & the Soviet Experience


Joseph Stalin: his historical role and contributions, his shortcomings and errors, and how you have been lied to about him.

The framework for this is laid out in the following sources:

Excerpt from interview with Raymond Lotta, “1917—The Revolution Breaks Through in Russia

On Communism, Leadership, Stalin, and the Experience of Socialist Society,” an interview with Bob Avakian. Part 2: On Stalin and the Experience of Socialist Society  (PDF)

Madison, Jefferson, and Stalin,” excerpt from From Ike to Mao and Beyond, memoir by Bob Avakian

The End of a StageThe Beginning of a New Stage: Mao More than Ever,” by Bob Avakian, Revolution magazine #60, Fall 1990, pp. 13-17

“Socialism Is Much Better than Capitalism, and Communism Will Be a Far Better World,” a speech by Raymond Lotta. Part 6: The Soviet Experiment: World War 2 and Its Aftermath

“Conquer the World: The International Proletariat Must and Will,” by Bob Avakian. Part I. Further Historical Perspectives on the First Advances in Seizing and Exercising PowerProletarian Dictatorship--and Embarking on the Socialist Road

When the Lights Went Out...Really Went Out: Further Findings and Reflections on the 1930s,” Letter Nine of the “19 Letters” “An Historic Contradiction: Fundamentally Changing the World Without ‘Turning Out the Lights’”

On Communism, Stalin, and Historical Accuracy: Raymond Lotta replies to Keith Jamieson

Set the Record Straight is posting a series of Research Notes about important historical episodes of the Soviet and Chinese revolutions and the controversies surrounding them. These compact and self-contained summations detail important findings and set forth provisional conclusions. See Research Notes: “The Famine of 1933 in the Soviet Union: What Really Happened, Why it was NOT an “Intentional Famine”

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