Speech on Communism


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Part 1:

Introduction: Institutionalized Ignorance

Socialism and Communism Explained

Part 2:

Lies and the Methods Behind the Lies

Chang/Halliday Totally Twist the Meaning of Mao’s Words

MacFarquhar’s Shoddy Scholarship Annointed as Truth

Naomi Klein Joins In

Part 3:

The Cultural Revolution in China: What It Was Really About

Some Historical Background

Standard Distortions of the Cultural Revolution

A Real Revolution

What About Violence?

Real and Unprecedented Accomplishments

Part 4:

Human Nature Can Change

Part 5:

Learning From and Going Beyond the Cultural Revolution

Bob Avakian’s New Synthesis of Communism

Part 6:

The New Synthesis and Intellectual Ferment and Dissent in Socialist Society

Dissent and Elasticity

Part 7:

Another, And Better, World Is Possible

Tackling Racism and National Oppression in a New Socialist Society

Continuing Struggle in Socialist Society


Raymond Lotta on the Great Leap Forward

Raymond Lotta answers a question and takes apart the lie that 30 million people were killed in Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

Watch Raymond Lotta on YouTube Taking on the Lies about Mao and the Chinese Revolution

Everything You’ve Been Told About Communism Is Wrong: Capitalism Is a Failure, Revolution Is the Solution

Raymond Lotta was on a national campus speaking tour in 2009-10. This version of the speech, given at Harvard University in April 2010, has been slightly edited and footnotes have been added for publication.