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Peter Phillips interviews Dongping Han and Ann Tompkins, on “The Morning Mix,” Project Censored Show, KPFA-San Francisco, 1/3/2014

Dongping Han, history professor and author, and Ann Tompkins discuss their experiences in the Cultural Revolution in China.

Michael Slate interviews Bob Avakian on the history of socialism in China, 2/1/2013

The Unknown Cultural Revolution, interview with Dongping Han on KPFA San Francisco, Guns and Butter, 1/13/2010

Dongping Han discusses his life growing up in a rural village during the Cultural Revolution in China.

True Story of the Cultural Revolution in China, interview with Bai Di on KPFK Los Angeles, The Michael Slate Show

Bai Di, professor of Chinese studies, grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. She talks about her positive experiences during this most important, and vilified, era in human history.

Bob Avakian on China, the Cultural Revolution, Art, and Dissent, interviewed on KPFK Los Angeles, Michael Slate’s Beneath the Surface

Bob Avakian discusses the Cultural Revolution in China: art and culture...dissent and ferment...and carrying forward the revolution toward communism.

Bob Avakian on Communism, Leadership, Stalin, and the Experience of Socialist Society, interviewed on KPFK Los Angeles, Michael Slate’s Beneath the Surface

Bob Avakian responds to the following questions: 1) Isn’t it dangerous to invest so much into an individual leader? 2) The question of Stalin.


Video Documentation of Cultural Revolution Symposium

These presentations were given at the symposium “Rediscovering China’s Cultural Revolution: Art and Politics, Lived Experience, Legacies of Liberation,” at UC-Berkeley, November 2009.

Art and Politics in the Cultural Revolution

The International Impact and Historical Significance of the Cultural Revolution

Book-TV Event: The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Life and Change in a Chinese Village, with author Dongping Han

Films from Revolutionary China

Barefoot Doctors of Rural China

Red Detachment of Women (model ballet)

Breaking with Old Ideas

YouTube Videos

Everything You’ve Been Told About Communism is Wrong

China’s Liberating Economic Achievements under Mao, in Contrast to “Development Models” such as Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea

Taking on the Lies about Mao’s Great Leap Forward

Tibet During the Cultural Revolution

Health Care Under Capitalism, Health Care Under Socialism

Interview with Raymond Lotta on the history and prospects of socialist revolution, on Russia Today TV, January 3, 2010.

Sunsara Taylor on new book by Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn

Raymond Lotta’s YouTube Channel

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